aromatherapy bar soaps
 heavenly hunks of aromatic luxury....

Forget everything you've ever thought about bar soaps. These are not at all like the kind you see lining the grocery store shelves. Our handmade aromatherapy bars soaps are incredibly moisturizing. They gently but effectively cleanse and moisturize in one step - most people won't need to apply lotion after bathing. With no harsh detergents or chemicals to strip your skin of it's natural lipid barrier, and no irritants (like synthetic fragrance or sulfates) to cause redness or irritation at the cellular level (sometimes you don't even realize your skin is being irritated), these luxurious soaps are full of the best oils and butters in the world and will transform your skin to it's optimal condition and healthy best. 

Each aromatherapy soap is scented with therapeutic essential oils for various needs and wants. Descriptions of the scent and benefits of each variety is outlined below.

All you need to do now is decide which one to use first... 


Luxurious, romantic, intoxicating, The queen of flowers, the bulgarian rose, is floral and rich,

intoxicating and aphrodisiac - its precious and fragrant essential oil is treasured in skin care

for its soothing and age-defying properties. An exceptional soap for dry, mature, or sensitive

skin. In a hot bath, it doesn't get any more pampering or luxurious.


The familiar, fresh and herbaceous scent of eucalyptus is effectively balanced by the addition 

of sweet and mellow spearmint. A lovely, uplifting soap, it makes an invigorating shower

This creamy soap is an also effective decongestant,

 as well as a natural "wake me-up" for a 

tired mind...


Decadence at its finest. This beautifully layered, deliciously-scented soap smells good enough

to eat. With notes of golden honey and rich amaretto, you'll want a bar in the tub, shower and

kitchen sink! - and since it's make with the best ingredients like shea butter, it's as good-feeling

on your skin as it is good-smelling to your nose.


Used for centuries to calm the mind and relax the body, the classic scent of lavender is timeless

and loved my many. The essential oil and flower buds create the natural floral and herbal

aroma in this  luxurious soap. Lavender is not only the scent of relaxation, its healing properties

make it the first choice for soothing many skin conditions. It's benefits are endless, it's scent...



A soft, woodsy aroma with earthy incense notes, sweet notes of orange, sandalwood,

cedarwood, and patchouli- rounded off with light notes of rose in the backdrop 

beautifully scent this creamy, ultra-moisturizing soap. The essential oil of sandalwood 

has many wonderful skin care properties, and is often recommended for sensitive skin.


The soft warmth of Vanilla mixes perfectly with a complex but light essential oil blend. It's relaxing and sexy - perfect for a bath before bed or a calm moment in the shower before your day gets crazy. This soap has an extra boost of Shea Butter to make this an incredibly creamy and moisturizing experience.


Bright, fresh, clean, and energizing, this citrusy-smelling soap is made with the oil and blades

of wild lemongrass. Blended with the most moisture-rich ingredients available, it's a natural

pick-me-up, or wake-me-up any way you use it. This essential oil is known to relieve fatigue,

and invigorate the mind, body, and spirit. 

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