Essential Oils:
 scent descriptions...
Allspice: Warm clove like sweet spicy fragrance.
Angelica: Sharp, similar to the scent of green stems just broken
Anise: The smell of licorice. Warm and Sweet
Basil: Sweet, spicy, warm and fiery. Somewhat licorice like.
Bergamot: Fresh, sweet and refreshing, but with slightly spicy floral undertones.
Black Pepper: Pungent, spicy, warm, herbaceous peppery aroma
Calendula: Herbaceous, pungent, strong.
Cardamom: Fresh, sweet, green, spicy, balsamic.
Cedarwood: Soft, sweet, warm, woody and fruity with honey overtones.
Chamomile: Sweet, herbaceous, fresh and fruity.
Cinnamon: A sweet, spicy hot fragrance. The aroma is smoky and warm.
Citronella: Grassy, fruity, and slightly herbaceous with a citrus undertone.
Clary Sage: Nutty, heady, herbaceous, warm and mildly intoxicating.
Cypress: Fresh, woody, clear, light, slightly spicy with a clean scent.
Eucalyptus: Pungent, sharp, strong and camphor-like with woody subnotes.
Everlasting: Strong, honey and hay odor with herbaceous notes.
Fennel: Herbaceous, sweet honey, very licorice-like, and warm.
Frankincense: Soft, balsamic, heady fragrance, warm, sweet and incense like.
Geranium: Flowery rose, sweet, dry citrus undertone.
Ginger: Peppery, sharp, fresh, pungent, earthy aromatic and warm.
Grapefruit: Warm, sweet and fresh citrus with slight floral undertone.
Hyssop: Woody, earthy, sweet and warm.
Jasmine: Rich, warm, floral, and sweetly exotic with floral honey like aroma.
Juniper: Fresh, fruity, woody, spicy and herbaceous.
Lavender: Fresh, floral, light, powdery, and sweet. One of the most popular EO's.
Lemon: The most well known citrus scent, clean, sweet, sugary and light.
Lemongrass: Citrus, herbaceous and smoky. Kind of like a hay field type aroma.
Lime: Fresh, citrus scent, sweet and candy like.
Mandarin: Warm, citrus, and fruity with floral overtones.
Myrrh: Warm, smoky, slightly musty and earthy.
Neroli: Floral, powdery, spicy, sweet with highly radiant fragrance.
Orange, Sweet: Fresh, fruity, tangy and sweet. A perky and lively scent.
Palmarosa: Sweet, rosy, floral, herbaceous and lemony.
Patchouli: Earthy, heavy, musty musk, penetrating, herbaceous, and smoky.
Peppermint: Minty fresh, slightly camphor-like, candy-like.
Petitgrain: Floral, fresh and revitalizing with a hint of orange.
Ravensara: Spicy, herbaceous, clear, sweet and licorice-like.
Rose Absolute: Intense, sweet and floral. The queen of flowers.
Rosemary: Woody, fresh, herbaceous, powerful and sharp.
Rosewood: Sweet, woody, powdery soft with an underlying rose scent.
Sandalwood: Warm, rich, sweet, woody and soft.
Spearmint: Minty, cool, candy-like and fresh.
Tangerine: Sweet, sparkling fresh citrus.
Tea Tree: Sharp, spicy, warm with medicinal tones.
Vanilla: Sweet, honey-like, distinctive. Scent said to be most like mother's milk.
Vetiver: Earthy, musty with softness and full body aroma, and sweet woody aroma.
Ylang Ylang: Sweet, intense, floral, tropical and heady with an overtone of banana.
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