We'll put our soaps up against anyone's- If soap could arm wrestle, KIND soap would win every time!

Our bar soaps are the best, best, best. Cleanse and moisturize in one step thanks to the ample amount of shea butter and olive oil in every bar. No films are left on your skin or the tub - just squeaky clean, moisturized, healthy, naturally beautiful skin....

All of our products are carefully formulated to be free of all the "bad" stuff that is in traditional skin care products. We only use the most natural and benign ingredients with proven track records (that are often thousands of years old)

You will never find skin and eye irritants like sulfates and synthetic fragrance ~ or known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, pthalates, or any other potentially toxic chemical in the name of preservation, lather, or cost cutting. No parabens, formaldehyde-releasing agents, or any other suspicious preservatives will ever be used in our products. We honestly are amazed every day by how many companies offer products to their loyal consumers with proven adverse affects- when perfectly healthy and safe alternatives are available.

What's NOT in our products is only half the story.....

We use the highest quality, (and as many organic and/or wild harvested) ingredients that we can find. Our label ingredient listing is complete and 100% guaranteed ~ unlike many companies that "legally" omit ingredients/preservatives that fall below .5% of the product formula. 

Only purenon-solvent-extracted essential oils are used to give the products their wonderful scents, and natural botanicalsspices and naturally mined pigments are used for color. There are no petroleum-based oils, waxes or jellies (made from crude oil) or FD&C colors (made from coal tar)      - both potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing)

Our goal in creating these products was to not only be "natural for natural sake", but to also be the best product you've ever used. So many times we sacrifice effectiveness or taste for a more natural, or "healthier" product - well, we've turned that notion on it's head.... We offer a BETTER product that also happens to be natural, safe, and healthier for you.

But don't just take our word for it..... we invite you to read through our KIND words for real results and feedback from our customers. 

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