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from our Kind customers.....

Hi! I have been living in St. Louis for about 3 years. I've found the best way to discover all that my new home has to offer is to read the local magazines. I stumbled across an article that featured KIND soap company in ALIVE magazine and I had to come in. I brought in my sister and friend during our annual Girl's Trip. This year was my turn to host our trip and your shop was one of the highlights!!!We were so excited about your products. My sensitive skin has a new KIND friend!!!! Aisha

My daughter, who just turned 9, is addicted to your lavender lotion. She puts it on and wraps her hands all over her face and practically up her nose so she can smell it...all day long! Thank goodness it's lavender, or I would be worried.
Jenny Anderson

I really like your soap. It keeps my skin from getting so dry plus it smells great :)
Gina Roth

I use the Rose Petal Kisses lip balm. It moisturizes well and leaves a slight tint to my lips--very nice. I also like all the different soaps I have tried with rose and any citrus being my faves.
Laura Derickson

I use the tea tree bar to wash my face. It is gentle, non drying and keeps my acne under control. I also use my husbands manKind soap :). My new love... The it stick!!!
Aimee Noel Rich

I use the lemon shampoo. It keeps my hair from becoming dried out in winter and makes it smell nice. My daughter uses it as well. KIND soap also keeps my skin from becoming to dried out during winter.
Maugie Stevens

I simply cannot live without your Herbal Mint Foot Spa. Besides having happy feet the smell is divine!
Kara Anderson Abel

My daughters are in love with their balm shell pendants One of them might soon need a refill of her stress-relief balm! Your soaps are the absolute best- they last forever!
Lisa Picker

During the holidays, I gave my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law "stocking stuffer" gifts of a bar of Bay Rum soap along with a cute Christmas ornament. They all raved about how wonderful the Bay Rum smelled and that they couldn't wait to try it. It was also great fun for me to pick out the items at your do-it-yourself holiday event. Your store is darling!
Nancy Melsheimer Rudolph

Honey Hand Spa!! It's not just for hands-my feet love it, too! Leaves me with the softest, sweetest smelling skin. Love that stuff!
Kari Walsh Evanson

Hi! I came in your shop today with my sister-in-law and son and bought the Bulgarian Rose soap bar. My husband also bought the Lavender Fields lotion for me. I used both tonight for the first time and WOW! The smell is amazing. The lotion really made my skin feel great; not sticky, hydrated and soft. Thanks for the great products. Keep it up!

"I love Kind Soap so much! I'd always been looking for quality sulfate and paraben-free products, and now I've found them. Your bar soaps are truly amazing; the vanilla pachouli is my favorite! I'm also hooked on the Lavender Kind Kisses- makes my lips silky smooth. Good for my skin and good for the earth... what more could a girl ask for? Oh and I can't wait to try the hair care line. Thanks so much! Julie, St. louis

"Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I think the Honey Hand Spa is the
Best.Product.Ever.!!!! I no longer have sandpaper hands. Love, love,
love it -- thank you." Judy, St. Louis, MO

"We own an organic store in Barrington, IL. We have a large table filled with all of the beautiful Kind Products. When people shop in our store, they always migrate over to your table. Everything smells so wonderful, the packaging is beautiful and the prices are great. We now have many regulars who come in and go right to your table to pick up their favorite item. The mankind liquid soap and the Gardeners friend seem to be a favorite! Well, so is the lavender bar soap and the unscented and...

Also, my husband uses the manKIND liquid 3-in-1 gel and tells all of our customers that it is the best shave he has ever had! My favorites - unscented bar and gardeners friend
Keep up the good work! Laura at Acacia Organics

"I love giving KIND soap as a gift--- the scents come right through the packaging, letting my friends know that they are receiving something special! A great--economic- gift!" Deborah, St. Louis

"My skin was always dry and ITCHY. With KIND soap I haven't experienced that 
problem this winter. The product is great." Jim F

"Before giving these products as gifts, I tried them first and fell in love with quite a few of the products for various reasons: all natural, no film on skin or in tub, scents are great & plenty of choices, and they do last. Some of my ‘can’t live withouts’ are the vanilla ylang ylang lotion, baby bar soap, lemongrass hand soap, and the 3 in 1 shower gel. I get compliments on how I smell wearing the lotion ALL the time (which made me wonder how I smelled before – haha). Another big bonus for me is all of the packaging is 'green & biodegradable.' Great Products!! Thx!

Stephannie-Chicago, IL

"I love the Castile soap!" Margaret

"I bought KIND soap gift baskets for all the women in my life (wife, mother-in-law, etc, etc) for Xmas gifts and they all love the stuff. I mean, really love the stuff. What an easy gift option. Thanks a ton!"

Aaron, STL

"I am now using Kind Soap from head to toe with my brand new shampoo and conditioner!! I feel gorgeous! This is the best stuff ever..." "
P.S. someone gave me an all-natural Lavendar soap gift from somewhere in Madison. I used it for two days and pitched it. It was not near as good as my favorite KIND!"   
Angie, Kirkwood, MO

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