Natural solutions dry skin

Dry, itchy, cracked, chapped, splitting, flaky, scaly, sunburned, tight, and did we already say dry? Super dry or damaged skin needs extra TLC to get it back to its optimal state.

KIND Solutions to Dry and Damaged Skin

Nothing is better for dry and damaged skin than natural butters, oils, and botanicals like aloe and calendula. “Traditional” products can sometimes do more harm than good with ingredients like alcohol, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrance. They irritate, suffocate, and deposit impurities into already compromised skin.

Our products are formulated first and foremost to be KIND to your skin. Our best-selling product is our Shea Luxe Hand Creme (also available in body creme jar), and it has a fierce cult following due to its incredible ability to keep hands soft and moisturized during even the harshest winters.

For an all over scrub/clean/hydrate experience, our Sand & Sea bar is part scrub (with sea salt and volcanic sand), part soap, and part lotion bar (with ample amounts of cocoa butter). It’s perfect for rough spots (like heels), getting sunscreen off your skin, and for an entirely amazing feeling head-to-toe!

One of our other best-sellers is our Goodnight Kisses lavender & shea butter lip treatment. Nothing works better on chapped lips and also works wonders on cuticles (not to mention it helps you sleep!).

Cleansing with non-stripping soaps and detergents is essential for keeping hands and body hydrated. The Hand and Body Repair bar soap is made with aloe and calendula, which are both known to heal damaged skin and even helps with sunburn. Speaking of sunburned skin, our Tea Tree Rx Apple Cider Vinegar spray was discovered to be an incredible alleviator of redness, pain, and heat.

Nearly all of our products were created with dry skin in mind. All of our bar soaps are incredibly moisturizing, so much so, that lotion often isn’t needed after bathing

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