Natural solutions eczema

Eczema seems to be an epidemic these days. Almost everyone knows someone who has it, or has it themselves. More and more babies and kids are being diagnosed with it every year. The causes are not fully known, and relief can be elusive.

KIND Solutions for Eczema

The good news is, KIND soap company has been successful at helping our customers relieve some of the symptoms associated with this persistent and aggravating affliction.

All of our products are free of the common ingredients that exacerbate the symptoms of eczema. Synthetic fragrance is one of the most common irritants and is almost impossible to avoid. Many products that claim to be “natural” still contain synthetic fragrance, which gives the customer false expectations and disappointing results.

Our Oatmeal Rx soap is specifically formulated to ease the itch of eczema and keep the skin sufficiently moisturized. Goat’s milk has also been known to soothe irritated skin and is one of the key ingredients in the soap.

The KINDbaby products are all very popular with our customers with eczema. The Body Lotion is gentle and hydrating for head to toe moisture. The most celebrated product of our customers with eczema is the Baby Bum Balm. It is a powerhouse of soothing and calming ingredients in a thick, stay-put zinc ointment, perfect for application before bed. We are constantly amazed by the feedback we get from moms, grandmas, and eczema sufferers. This little jar seems to work for them when nothing else would. From infants to a 73 year old farmer, the Baby Bum Balm has quite a devoted following.

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