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Fragrant and romantic rose petals are the essence of our Bulgarian Rose artisan soap. Made with fresh goat’s milk for soothing and skin conditioning, it’s no wonder this has been our best-selling soap for years. It’s aroma is definitive and complex, yet not overpowering. One of the main comments we get when customers smell it for the first time is “Wow! I didn’t think I liked rose!”. We always tell them that they’ve probably only ever smelled “fake” rose. Old lady room spray this isn’t. Bulgarian pink roses are the cream of the crop – quite literally. This “Queen of Flowers” scent will have you feeling, looking, and smelling like royalty.

  • Our BEST selling soap is intoxicating and romantic
  • Rose oil is treasured for its age-defying properties.
  • Made with goat’s milk to soothe dry or sensitive skin
  • Scented with essential oils and 100% plant-derived natural fragrance
  • Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Irritant-Free

4.5 oz Bar | 2.25 oz Nugget

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Made withOUT: sulfates, synthetic fragrance or color, parabens, triclosan, phthalates, talc, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, 1, 4 dioxane, lead, or nitrosamines

HANDMADE with only: olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, RSPO organic palm oil, fresh goat milk, shea butter, rose and rose geranium essential oils, & 100% plant-derived natural fragrance

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2.25 oz nugget, 4.5 oz Bar, 4.5 oz Naked Bar

6 reviews for Bulgarian Rose

  1. My sister gave me the bulgarian rose soap and pillow spray for my birthday. It is smells soooooo good and the soap is fabulous. I feel spoiled. ~ Connie A.

  2. I just got my Bulgarian Rose Lotion, Soap and Rose Petal Kisses lip balm. Tried the lotion on my hands last night and still easily smelled the roses on my hands this morning, left them soft and smooth! The soap alone has filled my bedroom and bathroom with a wonderful aroma. Moisturizing lip balm has a hint of color! Looking forward to trying some other products. Additionally, I ordered my products through the mail and got them quickly! ~ Jane K.

  3. This is my favorite scent of Kind Soap. I find it uplifting and love the way it makes my bathroom smell. It also makes my skin smooth so that I rarely need to use lotion.

  4. I use Bulgarian Rose bar soap and LOVE IT! Just the right amount of moisturizer, cleansing, and a scent that you’ll fall in love with too!

  5. I love anything Bulgarian Rose!! Soap, lotion, fragrance and solid fragrance!

  6. (verified owner)

    I purchased bars of this soap in larger sized in past. Absolutely loved it so reordered it in larger volume so could give as gifts. My order was apparently was automatically changed to smaller bars. I was incredibly disappointed. They arrived in zip lock bags that’s had opened during shipment and only had a hint of fragrance. I am shipping them back. Be careful when placing order so this does not happen to you. I will update my review and let you know about customer service regarding return.

    • In regards to this review, our bar soaps can be ordered in one of three ways… Full-size wrapped, full-size naked, or wrapped nugget (1/2 size bars). Whether it was meant to be or not, this order came in to us as “naked” bars, which is what we shipped.

      All of our Bulgarian Rose soaps are mechanically cut to the same width and thickness. The height of each bar can vary sightly due to the handmade nature of each loaf poured. The bars each weigh approximately 4.5 ounces (the nuggets are full-size bars cut in half).

      We may wrap naked bars in tissue or place inside ziploc bags (based on what recycled materials we have on hand). We generally do not like to seal up bars completely because of possible condensation, especially during extreme temperatures – which is likely why the ziploc was not totally sealed.

      As far as the scent goes, our formula for each loaf is the same. Freshly cut loaves are softer and more fragrant than longer “cured” soap. As soap cures the bar becomes harder, which lasts longer, but the scent will slowly diminish over time. Some prefer a harder bar with a more mellow scent, and some prefer a stronger scent and don’t mind that the soap is used up faster. We can’t guarantee exactly where your soap will be in the curing process when you receive it, but it’s usually not noticeably different from any other time.

      I hope this will address the reviewer’s comments adequately.

      Jean Scholtes
      Founder and CEO
      KIND soap company

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