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We all want to smell fabulous, but those traditional perfumes don’t really fit into a natural lifestyle. With the worry of skin sensitivity, headaches, and potential health hazards, there’s good reason to avoid them. With our KIND Natural Perfume Oils you have the luxury of smelling great without the worry!

Your favorite KIND scent in a convenient carry-with-you rollerball applicator.

  • Bulgarian Rose: Fragrant and romantic rose petals are the essence of our Bulgarian Rose Natural Perfume Oil. Definitive, yet not overpowering, this lady-like scent will have you feeling like royalty.
  • SheaLUXE: Luxurious and warm, our Shea Luxe Natural Perfume Oil is an attractive scent that evokes your senses. With vanilla undertones and a clean finish, the Shea Luxe scent is a fan fav!

10 ml roller-ball bottle

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As a child, you would love to peek into the bathroom to watch your mother get ready. She would carefully do her makeup, making sure every eyelash was dark and perfectly in place. She would curl her hair and pin it back so that it was out of the way when she took on the day. And to finish the routine, she would spritz herself in her favorite perfume. You grew to love that smell, it reminded you of your beloved mother. You even have a bottle in her memory. Clearly, a scent is powerful and can evoke all kinds of emotions. That is part of the reason that perfumes and colognes are so popular.

However, there is a problem with using traditional perfumes: the stuff that many companies put in it is NOT safe! Some of the chemical used to produce these fragrances are linked to allergies, rashes, headaches, hormonal disruption, and who knows what else. The reason that these scary chemicals are in there is because companies want the scents to be potent and last, all for a cheap production cost. In their eyes the easiest way to do this is to concoct all kinds of crazy potions, putting the consumer at risk.

Consumers want to smell nice and fresh but without the dangerous health hazards. So what gives?

Thankfully, there are safe options out there so that people do not have to avoid perfumes and fragrances at all costs. At KIND Soap, we have carefully crafted KIND Natural Perfume Oils so that people can still put on a phenomenal scent every day as part of the routine, and not think twice about it.

We have four different scents in the KIND Natural Perfume Oils package: Bulgarian Rose, Lavender Fields, SheaLUXE and Wild lemongrass perfume. Bulgarian Rose is a rose scent that can easily be distinguished without being overwhelming. Lavender Fields is pretty easy to grasp: it smells like a field of lavender! SheaLUXE is a clean, vanilla scent. And Finally, Wild Lemongrass perfume leaves people smelling lemony fresh, not like a cleaner, but with a bright, energizing aroma. With five choices, people can choose a fragrance depending on what they’re in the mood for that day. The best part of these five perfumes is that they are made entirely from essential oils and jojoba oil, nothing more and nothing less!

With the rollerball bottle, people can easily carry this with them in a bag or purse. Then, whenever they feel they need to freshen up, they can just roll a little onto their neck or wrist and be ready to go. And at 10 ml in size, they’re carry-on friendly for a great fragrance pick-me-up when you travel!

Made withOUT: sulfates, synthetic fragrance or color, parabens, triclosan, phthalates, talc, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, 1, 4 dioxane, lead, or nitrosamines

HANDMADE with only: Jojoba Oils & Essential or Plant-based Natural Fragrance Oils.

Weight 4 oz

Bulgarian Rose, SheaLUXE

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  1. I love anything Bulgarian Rose!! Soap, lotion, and fragrance!

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