Aromatherapy Benefits: The Power of the Shower Steamer

Aromatherapy Benefits: The Power of the Shower Steamer

Winter can really suck. Cloudy days and longer nights, combined with dodging colds and beating blues seem to drain us. Netflix and flannel jammies beckon us. There’s only so much coffee one can drink before you’re sticking to the ceiling like Spider-Man. While the idea of a long soak in a hot tub sounds superb, the reality is our time-starved schedules rarely allow us the space to indulge. Enter the KIND Shower SteamerAn Oily History

Essential oils have been a treasured form of therapy for centuries. In fact, many ancient cultures have used botanical extracts for therapy, vitality, beauty, medicine, preservation, and ceremony. Their value extends beyond aromatics, though this remains one of the main uses.

Aromatherapy applications vary from soothing to stimulating, and balancing to boosting. Their powers are not merely mood-enhancing or suppressing. For example, rosemary and eucalyptus may help with mucus, and lavender has been shown to be as relaxing as a pharmaceutical sedative.(1) Essential oils have a place in almost any household, because of their versatile applications.

There are many ways to receive the benefits of essential oils. While they are commonly diffused, this requires the user to remain relatively close to the diffuser. Additionally, different symptoms are treated best through different methods. These can include direct application, in personal care and beauty products, and many more. When you’re looking for a quick, yet luxurious way to enjoy essential oil benefits, the Shower Steamer is a great fit.

The Benefits of Shower Steamers

Your on-the-go lifestyle that keeps you on your toes.  The shower steamer perfectly compliments your desires for aromatherapy in an easy, hassle-free delivery. You get aromatherapy benefits while keeping your day in-motion. Simply place the palm-sized puck on the shower floor (away from the drain), and you’re on your way to a blissful shower experience. That is, until the kids start pounding at the bathroom door.

The shower steamer slowly dissolves, releasing aromatics that serve your body’s needs. Whether you’re needing a boost of mood, natural energy, or wanting to wind down, we’ve got a steamer for you.

We’ve created six different all-natural, essential oil and botanical-based shower steamers that serve your body in a variety of ways:

Wake – Grapefruit & Spearmint dance together in an invigorating blend that will have you ready for the day ahead.

Breathe – Eucalyptus & Peppermint team up in an airway-opening blend for aaaahhh-mazing relief.Sleep – Vanilla, Chamomile, Lavender are a soothing blend to ready you for REM.

Healthy -Rosemary & Peppermint jive together in an earthy blend that will have you feeling alive and well.Happy –Tangerine & Lemon do a citrusy twist for a bright and delightful day.

Relaxed – Lavender takes you to your place of zen, washing stress down the drain.

When you’re looking for a convenient way to add aromatherapy to your day, reach for a KIND Shower Steamer. They’re another way to enhance your natural, green, and healthy lifestyle.


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